Free Courses offered at Stanford University

the today’s world of 21st century everyone form everywhere can get bulk of information by single click, therefore Stanford University decide to provide their educational material online for every one everywhere so that they can access them easily.

Stanford University is in one of the world’s top ranked research and teaching institution located at California, Stanford University was opened in 1891. All the offered courses are free of cost, click here to register yourself.

The offered courses are:

  1. International Women’s Health & Human Rights.
  2. Digging Deeper: Making Manuscripts.
  3. Statistical Learning.
  4. Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers
  5. Adventures in Writing.
  6. Compilers.
  7. Introduction to the Natural Capital Project Approach.
  8. Stocks and Bonds: Risks and Returns.
  9. Medical Education in the New Millennium.
  10. Introduction to Haptics.
  11. Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers.
  12. Writing in the Sciences.
  13. Computer Science 101.
  14. Principles of Economics.
  15. Statistics in Medicine.
  16. How to Learn Math: For Students.
  17. Databases.
  18. Reservoir Geomechanics.
  19. Convex Optimization.
  20. Solar Cells, Fuel Cells and Batteries.
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