How to get Australian Study Visa

To apply for Australian study visa you have to follow number of steps.

There are two ways to take admission in any institution & Course.
  1. You can directly apply for admission to an institution though its website for submission of application.
  2. Most of the educational institutes work with agents and you can submit your admission application through these agents. Usually an institute provides the details regarding agents on their official Website.

Once you apply for admission either direct through website or through education agent the next step is to prepare supporting documents. The nature of documents depends on the course in which you are going to take admission. Some of the most important documents are listed here

In case of successful application you will receive an offer letter from the institution. Read the offer letter carefully before accepting it because it is an agreement between you and the institution and all the details regarding fees and your rights is mentioned. For confirmation purposes you need to signed the offer letter and send it back to the institution.

Once you accept the offer letter and paid admission fees you will receive Electronic Conformation of Enrollment (eCoE).

You can submit you application for visa by using online portal of Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s but you need the details of Electronic Conformation of Enrollment.

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