Privacy policy get user information & email only through its contact us page which is send to the administrator directly and those emails & information will not be provided or give access to any person or third party . The user contact information will be kept safe, secret and will not be forwarded to anyone.

We collect following data about user from Contact us page.

Name of the user, email of the user, subject of the message and message of the user. We save that data in our database.

Why we keep user’s data?

We keep user name, email and message to improve our services.

All of the user information their emails and messages will be under strict data security policy which is defined below.

  1. User data and information will not be provided or shared to any one in any case.
  2. User data and information will be deleted on User’s request.

Terms and conditions of google shall be consider mandatory on the website, on its users and on administrator.