Student Visa Guide to New Zealand

Any Pakistani student who wishes to continue his/her studies at New Zealand can send his application to the immigration office located at Dubai its address is given below.

Immigration New Zealand – Dubai BranchSuite 1503, API Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone (message only): +971 4 332 7031

Fax: +971 4 329 1390


It is important to mention here that the applicant must send application that is completed in all respects so that your application may process as soon as possible, in case of incomplete application your application will be rejected. If your documents are not in English you have to translate those documents in English.

Detail of the documents is as follows: –

Application Forms: -

You can download application form from the following address.

Once you download the application form you have complete the application form in English. Immigration office will communicate with you through email and you have to make sure that you typed correct email address while filling the form and check that email address on regular basis.

Application Fee:-

The application processing fee is non-refundable. In case of cash payment you have to pay AED 810 on counter and in case of Credit card you have to pay AED 810 by completing the relevant section in the application form.

After complete verification of your original documents, the original documents will be sent back to you though courier which will charge AED 100 through credit card.


Two passport size photographs are required with the application form. Please write down your name at the back of your photograph.

Passport: -

You have to send your application with a complete copy (colour copy) of your passport including all previous passports (only then your application will be processed).

Requirements of Visa: -

A proof is required that you get an admission into a course that is approved by NZQA, duration of your course and annual fee of the course, minimum time required for the completion of the course.

A proof that you have paid the dues for the course, if you are not able to provide that proof then you have to show bank statement that show that you are able to paid the dues.

Additional Supporting Documents: –

A letter that explains that why you want to continue your studies in New Zealand.

Another documents that shows that you are genuine student and you will return home after completion of your studies.

Fitness Certificate: -

You have to provide medial fitness certificate with your application. There is a high chance that immigration officer ask you for complete medical test.

Character Certificate: -

If you are 17 years or older and your stay in New Zealand is more than 24 months then you have to provide character certificate issued by police department.

Visa Processing Time:-

Total visa processing time is 20 days. If your application gets approved/confirmed then you can send your passport to the immigration office for visa endorsement.

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