The purpose of TOEFL:TOEFL is for people whose native language is other than English. TOEFL evaluates and individual’s skills in English language to see that he/she can understand English language and whether this individual would be able to perform in the course taught in English.

How much does it cost?

TOEFL internet based and paper based usually costs $140 to $170, it varies from country to country

Time for which test scores remain valid:

TOEFL scores remain valid for two years after two years you’d have to take the test again.

Score required:

Different institutions require different scores. Some of the best universities such as Hovard and Standford don’t have a minimum requirement but usually people who join such universities have a high score so its better to score good.

How is TOEFL scored?

In TOEFL there is no passing or failing scores in order to get admissions in a university you’d have to score according to the requirement of the university.

Registration for TOEFL:

You can register online for TOEFLl internet based test using your credit card.

Registration by Phone:

For internet base test you can also register by phone but before you call its good to go through the registration form. In order to register for test you will have to call the regional registration center, where an automated voice will ask you about your demographics and your choice test and credit card information and it will then confirm your registration.

Registration by mail for Internet based test:

First download and fill the registration form and fill it and send it to registration center don’t forget to include payment either by sending along that a demand draft in the name of ETS Toefl or by sending them your credit card information.

Registration for paper based test via mail:

Download and fill the registration form and send this form with payment at the address on the form to ETS. ETS will then mail you an admission ticket.

Things to bring on test day:

Following are the things you must bring on test day:

In case you don’t have any documents to prove your identity you’d not be allowed to sit in test.

What to expect in TOEFL: Reading:

In this section you are given 2 to 3 passages for reading and you are required to answer questions regarding the passages.


You listen to 2 or 3 lectures and then you are required to answer questions regarding those lectures.


In this section of the test you are asked to explain orally.


You are asked to write an essay.

TOEFL paper based test:

A comprehension is played which you listen and during the listening you are not allowed to take notes once the comprehension finishes you are asked questions about the comprehension.


You read a few passages and then answer the questions.

Sentence correction:

You are given a few sentences that contain spelling and grammatical mistakes and you are required to correct them.


In writing section of the test you are required to write an essay.

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This is international English Language testing system. This test evaluates a person’s skills in English language. This test evaluates in all 4 areas of the language that is Reading, writing, listening and speaking You are supposed to be good at grammar .......... Read More