What to wear for an interview

First impression is the last impression and nobody gets second chance to make its first impression, dressing plays an important role in making your impression, therefore dress well when you go for interview. Different people have different choices when we talk about dressing.Nowadays jeans become popular and many people prefer to wear jeans but you have a research about the dress code of the Company:

When you receive a call for the interview, have a research about the dress code of the company and wear dress accordingly, your dress should be ironed press. Try to wear solid colors. The best choice is to wear two piece suits.You should wear full sleeves shirt, if you wear dark color suit then you should wear light color shirt. The best color for the shirt is white. The color of your tie should match the color of your suit, avoid wearing ties with shiny colors.Polished and neat shoes, if you have a leather shoes it would be great. The color of your belt should match the color of your shoes.If you don’t have beard then shave properly on the day of your interview and if you have beard then trim your beard properly.Use mouth freshener on the day of your interview and brush your teeth accordingly.You should have a sober hair style, avoid extra use of jell.Do not wear or wear less jewelry.Use the same tips for your all interviews including second and third interview.

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